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Target users and their needs

An emergency doctor in a hospital will often talk on the phone to give guidance to the ambulance personnel regarding the treatment of a remote patient. But the emergency doctor cannot see the patient. We intend to pilot a service where the ambulance uplinks a live video to the hospital so that the emergency doctor can improve the treatment outcome for the patient in the crucial ‘golden hour’

A v2v link from a specialist doctor or other healthcare provider on initiation and monitoring of treatment in patients will potentially assist in patient outcome. This v2v approach will allow the GP and/or doctor specialist and/or nurse to have regular contact with the patient (while the latter being at his home) during patient's medical treatment. The v2v link will be applied to Ophthalmology clinic process in Athens The high quality of live v2v will eliminate the necessity for the patients to travel and visit the hospital, where appropriate.

Saving Fuel costs and reducing greenhouse gasses will be the focus of town council support services. These services aim to eliminate citizens’ travels to the City Hall that are necessary to complete some administrative processes nowadays. In the other hand decreasing transport costs of citizens and reducing time spent on administrative processes are other goals to achieve (for example registration services, online benefits service and council tax services).

In order to enhance city experiences using live interactive video a joint pilot between museums Luxembourg and Athens will be provided which allows the two museums to share a “common exhibit” using interactive live video. We will also explore adding additional mobile services for both museum locations. The interested group has the opportunity to be virtually present at the museum and enjoy a real time guided tour through some permanent collections or temporary exhibitions over video. Two-way video connection allows the museum guide to view the distant visitors, communicate directly with them and discuss their questions.

Teachers are seeking to enhance learning experiences using video-to-video. Ten schools in Dublin and two schools in Athens will experiment with interactive and collaborative learning basis using sharing educational experiences and city educational providers will study pedagogical outcomes.