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The explosion of smart phones and the anticipated explosion of tablet devices with low cost high definition cameras and the deployment of 4G will finally lead to video-to-video becoming a reality for the mass market. We wish to support live interactive high definition video-to-video so that any video screen in a city coupled with a camera can immediately dial any other video screen instantaneously. The connection process will automatically invoke a virtual path slice between both end points where the user is connected and guaranteed bandwidth will be allocated for the duration of the call over the existing packet forwarding infrastructure of the internet.

A number of existing technology ingredients will be combined in an innovative manner to provide a full high quality live interactive video-to-video service. These are: (1) an internet infrastructure software overlay which delivers a right of way for high quality video-to-video without interference from unwanted traffic (2) Next Generation internet access technologies (WiMax HSPA, LTE) as well as high speed broadband xDSL (3) video tablet devices and (4) Video-to-video applications.