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In order to realize the objective LiveCity brings together a number of organisations across Europe to create a balanced ecosystem of organisations to drive the project and achieve outstanding results. The LiveCity ecosystem includes public service providers, network infrastructure providers, technology providers and subject matter experts. The public service providers include the Municipality Of Vrilissia in Athens; the City of Valladolid in Spain; Griefswald medical simulation center in Griefswald Germany; a network of schools in Dublin and Athens; City museums in Athens and Luxembourg; and a network of doctors associated with the NKUA in Athens.


The Network infrastructure providers include; OTE who will provide network infrastructure in Athens; Deutsche Telekom who will provide network infrastructure in Tubingen; Magnet a broadband service provider in Dublin; and Telefonica 02 a mobile service provider in Dublin. A range of network technologies will be provided including LTE the new forth generation(4G) wireless technology. LiveCity will also use WiMax which is a competing 4G technology and HSPA which is a so called 3.5G technology.

In addition LiveCIty will also use fixed broadband xDSL and Ethernet technologies. LiveCity extends the right of way capability to city internet users by federating priority internet user access on a pan European. LiveCity creates a federation of such network testbeds across Europe and links them using IPsphere standards federation mechanisms.

The technology providers are RedZinc who provides the VPS controller that delivers a right of way without interference from other traffic on the internet; OneSource who will integrate off the shelf ingredients to deliver the Video-to-Video platform; QuartzSpark who will provide V2V application service support. RedZinc, OneSOurce and QuartzSpark are all specialist SME technology providers. Supporting the ecosystem are subject matter experts from Brunel University Business School; Fundacion Cartif in Valladoid and Universite Du Luxembourg.

Combining the LiveCity partners capabilities technologies and processes into an ecosystem delivers a innovative solution for city citizens with a wide range of societal and economic benefits. Adding to the public internet a right of way without interference from unwanted traffic for live video-to-video, by combing existing network infrastructure with an existing beta version of the VPS Controller and with existing off the shelf video to video is truly innovative. LiveCity will be a first for the world in five European Cities. The benefits delivered by LiveCity include: a get up & go solution for public service operators; lower cost service delivery; enhanced education; increased city productivity; enhanced city experience; better medicinal effects; better emergency response; fuel reduction; lower CO2 emissions.

LiveCity has embedded city based user communities which are in symbiotic relationship with the foundation technology.