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 Many video platforms are available as potential candidates for LiveCity. Some like Skype, oovee and iVisit are proprietary platforms are offer no facility to integrate additional features such as decision support system. There other opensource platforms like Jitsi, VLC and Ekiga which require assembly into platforms which can be used for LiveCity. In addition tools are emerging on the Android platform for the support of video. LiveCity will use on of the best of breed of these tools and apply them to the video-to-video devices to be used in the project (e.g. laptops, Cisco Tablets, iPads, Android tablets etc) in order that they can use the right of way.

To obtain a video-to-video platform suitable for use in the project, especially where security is important LiveCity will integrate the existing video-to-video applications (e.g.: ekiga, Jitsi and VLC) and existing security, AAA and signaling protocols and applications (e.g.: streaming encryption, SRTP, zRTP, SIP). Opensource databases

such as MySQL and PostgreSQL will be used to support the video application with login details. Security wrappers will be used to provide security support. A content management system will be included to record the v2v where required. (e.g. this feature will be disabled for the emergency and medical use case, but may be enabled for educational applications).