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The LiveCity network is a priority internet federation which create a Living-Lab Internet Federation supporting a hetrogenous quality of service Right of Way. Magnet Networks Ltd. are providing xDSL access lines to the schools and doctors in Dublin. xDSL technology is well proven although lacks a guaranteed right of way and can deliver bandwidth up to 24mbps per line. Magnet will also provide some Ethernet connectivity, if required. Telefonica O2 Ireland Ltd. will provide wireless HSPA technology to the project which HSPA is a 3.5G technology and can deliver up to 14mbps shared across a number of users on the base station. OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.) will provide 4G WiMax technology and also Ethernet technology in Athens. Deutsche Telekom AG will provide 4G LTE which can be accessed by the emergency medical centre in Greifswald. In Valladolid we will use the public intenet without a right of way for the services and thus will only support low quality video and expect the service to suffer from image stutter. It has not been possible to obtain network support in Valladolid. In Luxembourg the local service provider associated with University of Luxembourg will provide public interconnectivty to the project interconnectivity.

LiveCity will use a VPS engine to provide diffserv QoS events.  RedZinc's virtual path slice engine VELOX™ enables a dedicated flow, without interference from other traffic for internet content providing a “Right of Way” for demanding user applications. RedZinc's solution VELOX™ enables owners of Internet infrastructure to build federated priority infrastructure which empowers applications and content providers to put higher value traffic in priority flows. The VPS engine Improves User Experience, Performance, Economics.